Just Finish Something Already! Week 7

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Here we are at Week 7 of Holy Crap Less Than 3 Weeks Until Christmas!

Now listen up, you slackers – I have not been getting enough participation on this hop, so throw a girl some pity links! Only two more weeks left!

This week was Birthday Week at our house. Both of my kids have birthdays that are exactly 1 week apart, and both are in the beginning of December. December is one big long month of celebration, because in addition to two birthdays and Christmas, our wedding anniversary is Christmas Eve. I love December – birthdays, cookie baking, present wrapping, and the annual gingerbread house decorating throwdown. 

You might remember that I have been teasing my son mercilessly that I was going to make him a broccoli cake for his birthday this year. And that I have spent the last 6 months wracking my brain trying to figure out how to make that happen. Thanks to recommendations from my internet buddies – the lovely Jenn and the incomparable Connie – I bought the book What’s New Cupcake, and found instructions for making faux broccoli out of candy, frosting, and sprinkles.

Here is the final result –

What do you think? I couldn’t find the recommended candy for the stem, and green nonpareils were ridiculously hard to find, so I had to make do with ones that were lighter green than they should have been….. But it looks broccoli-ish, right?

After I made a half dozen, they all started to look sort of creepily phallic, so I had a hard time judging.

The kids elected to celebrate their birthdays on the same day, so tomorrow I will tell you about the ladybug cupcakes I made for Little. They were ADORABLE.

Link up and tell me what you accomplished this week!