Pasta with Homemade Alfredo Sauce

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What I made for dinner the other night –

Pasta with homemade Alfredo Sauce. Or as we call it – Mac-o-Chee.

Alfredo sauce is actually not that hard to make. It only has a few ingredients and it’s not THAT much more of an effort than the chemical-laden boxed stuff.

Alfredo Sauce

  • Butter
  • Flour
  • Milk
  • Parmesan Cheese, grated (not the stuff in the green can)

I find it helpful to get all the ingredients ready before I start making the sauce, because otherwise I am scrambling and the sauce is clumping and I am getting all agitated over a stupid sauce and then I feel like an idiot and then I am cranky.

In a medium saucepan, melt 2-ish tablespoons butter over medium heat. Then sprinkle an equal amount of flour over it and whisk it for a minute or two. Gradually pour 1 1/2 to 2 cups of milk into the pan, whisking continually like a madperson.

Whisk-whisk-whisk. This is the key. Do not think you can leave this unattended for a minute to yell “dinner will be ready in a minute! get off my back already!” listen to your little darlings conjugate their advanced Latin.

Or whatever the heck you do to Latin.

If you leave your husband in charge of the stirring, make sure he knows you don’t mean stand there motionless and watch the game.

If you do leave your sauce unattended and whisk-less, nothing will look amiss on the surface, but when you begin to stir again you will see that all the flour has sunk to the bottom and turned into a gloppy, lumpy mess.

And you will be very sad indeed.

After a few minutes, your milk will come to a bubble and start to thicken. Do not let it boil, and do not let it get too thick – you still have to add the cheese. When you see it begin to thicken, turn off the heat and whisk in the cheese. Some recipes call for as little as 1/3 cup of cheese, but I am not That Kind Of Girl and put in more like 2/3 cup or maybe even a whole cup, depending on how much milk I put in and how thick I want it.

I don’t measure anything when I make this – I probably grate 1/3 to 1/2 of one of those little triangles of parmesan you buy at the regular grocery store. One time I ran out of milk because SOMEONE had put the carton back in the fridge with only two ounces left and I had to use chicken broth for the rest of the liquid. It turned out fine.

Sometimes I don’t have enough parmesan and have been known to tear up a couple of pieces of Velveeta into the sauce. Just don’t use a stringy cheese like mozzarella or cheddar, or you will spend the next 30 minutes watching your kids make a gigantic mess all over your table and themselves and playing those annoying dinner table games.

Season with salt and pepper, as desired.

Feel like a hero because I JUST MADE ALFREDO SAUCE, FAMILY!

Wait for family to applaud.

Wait a very long time.

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Grouchier and Grouchier

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  • Couldn’t take the stupid cold anymore and went to the doctor. He told me strep was going around and sent his nurse in to give me the test. My throat, which didn’t hurt that much before, is now killing me. What is up with the vehemence behind the strep test? She stabbed me so hard I thought maybe she was trying to kill the germs one by one. I had to fill out all my paperwork AGAIN, and when I asked why, she told me it was because they were “moving to a paperless office to cut down on insurance fraud.” Moving to a paperless office! And I needed to fill out 3 pages for this move! Snarky Deb jumped out before I could stop her and said that perhaps not having 300 sheets of paper laying around with my social security number on them would be one way to cut down on fraud. 


  • I am old now and have to wear socks to bed or else my feet are so cold I can’t sleep. It’s pissing me off a little.


  • I went grocery shopping the other night. I couldn’t afford alcohol to dull the pain, so had to make do with stabbing myself in the ear with a shrimp fork. A dozen eggs was OVER SIX DOLLARS. I mean, they were organic and all, but STILL. I spent almost seventeen dollars on milk, passed on the $6 Cheerios, but had to shell out for apple juice to keep the kids’ plumbing moving (ifyouknowwhatImean). I spent $125, bought no meat and no cheese, and probably won’t make it to the weekend. Blech.

So! Crabby! Aren’t you happy you came over here today?

Another Very Vegetable Victory!

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I think I have finally mastered Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts. And not only that – but my people eat them!

Another Score!

I tried many different methods of cooking the brussels: blanching first, using a lot of oil, using not very much oil, getting impatient with roasting and moving them to a skillet (which was delicious by the way, but felt like I had crossed over from Healthy to Fried Food)…but tonight’s version was really good, and less work than some of the other things I have tried.

Firstly, I trimmed and peeled the brussels (am I the only one who sometimes finds little white worms under the leaves? It really grosses me out and makes me want to rethink this whole stupid Healthy Eating thing. That never happens with Oreos).

Then I lined a sheet tray with foil and greased it lightly with shortening (I know….maybe not the best choice. But I am going for Super! Crispy! here). I spread the brussels out in a single layer and put them near the bottom of a 475° oven. The sheet tray seems to act sort of like a skillet, and even though it doesn’t look like anything is happening, the side that is down on the tray is frying away. I stirred them a couple times, but mostly left them alone. I don’t remember how long they roasted…30-ish minutes? (So! Helpful!)

When they came out, I sprinkled them with salt and took the obligatory blog photos:

Aren’t they cute?

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Just Finish Something Already! Week 4

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Before I get to this week’s blog hop, I’d like to say how very, very honored I am to have an article posted at Heart of the Matter Online today. My take on Education Meets Real Life. Check it out.

Here we are at Week 4 of Good Gravy, I Hope This Blog Hop Motivates Me To Finish Something Already!

This week I managed to finish two hats!

Actually, if I were being completely honest, I would have to admit I finished them at 11pm on Sunday night. Let’s hear it for Procrastination!

This one will be for Little, who loves frilly pink things. It’s being modeled by an unfortunate, nameless, faceless fellow who normally resides on the fireplace mantle as a vase. Try to ignore the filthy kitchen table in the background, and also The Real Housewives playing on the television.

I knit it with Plymouth Confusion yarn, which was not in a skein like I thought, but a hank that needed to be wound on a ball winder. ALL sorts of cursing happening when I realized this, because I had already picked it to death looking for the end and turned it into a disgusting tangled mess. Even though I bought this yarn on a 50% off sale, it was still too expensive to chuck it in the trash and flounce off in a snit. I persevered, and think the finished hat is super adorable. Little is super adorable as well, so it should be a good match.

This one will be for Big. I don’t love it for some reason. It came out humongous, for one thing. For another, I can see all the mistakes (naturally), which is what happens when I “just wing it.” It’ll be okay, though. My son also happens to be beautiful and will distract people from my inability to count the correct amount of rows between color changes.

Other than that, I really didn’t accomplish anything. Between going to the funeral and being sick, I feel like I’m two weeks behind on my life. Jim made noises about helping me; but when I showed him my To Do list (which takes up two full pages of my notebook) he sort of chuckled uncomfortably and turned up the teevee.

Next week, though – next week I am going to Kick Some Ass!