Just Finish Something Already! Week 6

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Okay, fellow procrastinators! It is Week 6 of Holy Crap Only Four Weeks Left Before Christmas!

I know many of you accomplished great things at the Black Friday Sales last week, so link up and brag about it!

I actually had a very productive long weekend. We hung all new outdoor lights, replacing the original 30 year old sconces. The only way those ancient things would have cast any light is if they caught fire.

We replaced the shredded paper shade in the garage window with a not-really-wood blind. The blind we had been saving for that purpose ended up being too short and this led to a frenzied version of musical chairs with all our window coverings. We finally found one the right size in our bedroom, but it was so filthy with dust that I insisted we pull the bed out before we took it down. 

Pulling the bed out revealed the King of all Dust Bunnies. It wasn’t even a dust bunny, it was more like a dust…sand dune. 

After I recovered from the shock, I stripped everything off the bed, made Jim get the vacuum, and cleaned. I don’t think our room has been that clean since we moved in. This is how projects go around here. It’s like pulling at a loose thread on a sweater. In fact, at this very minute Jim is at the furniture store buying a bed frame because for the last 17 years our box spring and mattress have sat on the floor.

‘Cause we’re classy like that.

I also finished the Swirl Hat. I got a little overly-pleased with how well it was turning out and received a Knitting Smack Down by making a mistake I couldn’t figure out how to fix. Oh well, that’s how everyone will know it is hand made, right? Dang it.

I knit it with the incomparable Lorna’s Laces and I just love it so much. It’s like a big pink cupcake. Little will be adorable in it. I need one more boyish hat for Big and they will be even.

And look how cute the top came out – Super! Swirly!