Just Finish Something Already! Week 5

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Here we are at Week 5 of Just Finish Something Already!

This week I finished…

Well, I managed to…..

Okay, the truth is I didn’t finish anything. I started a hat.


I had about 3 inches knitted on Saturday night when Jim asked if it was going to be big enough.

So I measured.

And it wasn’t.

And then I was all mad at him for making my hat too small.

I sulked the rest of Saturday evening, then resignedly ripped the whole thing out about 4 hours ago and started over.

Imagine my surprise when I did not manage to reknit the entire thing in one evening.

Also, I decided I am definitely going to make ham for Thanksgiving.

Or maybe turkey.

For sure one of those.

How about you?

5 Responses to “Just Finish Something Already! Week 5”

  1. Emma Says:

    I’d link up on the one thing I’ve finished, but I haven’t posted it on my blog yet because I was busy working on other things that need to be finished. Maybe later this week? Story of my life….
    Emma´s last blog post ..Hooray!

  2. Sara Says:

    Does finishing a whole box of large Cinnamon Buns count?
    Sara´s last blog post ..Birthdays- and Childbirth and Christmas Oh My!

  3. Applie Says:

    Ooo, oooo, I made a hat this week. Let me go blog about it, so I can participate in this finish something thing. BRB
    Applie´s last blog post ..My New Cookbook

  4. Deb @ Green V-Neck Says:

    I can’t believe I actually have something finished in time for this!!
    Deb @ Green V-Neck´s last blog post ..In which I rock

  5. Applie Says:

    Ok, I just posted. lol My hats are not as pretty as your hats, but at least mine is finished. LOL

    You knit beautifully.
    Applie´s last blog post ..My New Cookbook