Grouchier and Grouchier

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  • Couldn’t take the stupid cold anymore and went to the doctor. He told me strep was going around and sent his nurse in to give me the test. My throat, which didn’t hurt that much before, is now killing me. What is up with the vehemence behind the strep test? She stabbed me so hard I thought maybe she was trying to kill the germs one by one. I had to fill out all my paperwork AGAIN, and when I asked why, she told me it was because they were “moving to a paperless office to cut down on insurance fraud.” Moving to a paperless office! And I needed to fill out 3 pages for this move! Snarky Deb jumped out before I could stop her and said that perhaps not having 300 sheets of paper laying around with my social security number on them would be one way to cut down on fraud. 


  • I am old now and have to wear socks to bed or else my feet are so cold I can’t sleep. It’s pissing me off a little.


  • I went grocery shopping the other night. I couldn’t afford alcohol to dull the pain, so had to make do with stabbing myself in the ear with a shrimp fork. A dozen eggs was OVER SIX DOLLARS. I mean, they were organic and all, but STILL. I spent almost seventeen dollars on milk, passed on the $6 Cheerios, but had to shell out for apple juice to keep the kids’ plumbing moving (ifyouknowwhatImean). I spent $125, bought no meat and no cheese, and probably won’t make it to the weekend. Blech.

So! Crabby! Aren’t you happy you came over here today?