Just Finish Something Already! Week 4

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Before I get to this week’s blog hop, I’d like to say how very, very honored I am to have an article posted at Heart of the Matter Online today. My take on Education Meets Real Life. Check it out.

Here we are at Week 4 of Good Gravy, I Hope This Blog Hop Motivates Me To Finish Something Already!

This week I managed to finish two hats!

Actually, if I were being completely honest, I would have to admit I finished them at 11pm on Sunday night. Let’s hear it for Procrastination!

This one will be for Little, who loves frilly pink things. It’s being modeled by an unfortunate, nameless, faceless fellow who normally resides on the fireplace mantle as a vase. Try to ignore the filthy kitchen table in the background, and also The Real Housewives playing on the television.

I knit it with Plymouth Confusion yarn, which was not in a skein like I thought, but a hank that needed to be wound on a ball winder. ALL sorts of cursing happening when I realized this, because I had already picked it to death looking for the end and turned it into a disgusting tangled mess. Even though I bought this yarn on a 50% off sale, it was still too expensive to chuck it in the trash and flounce off in a snit. I persevered, and think the finished hat is super adorable. Little is super adorable as well, so it should be a good match.

This one will be for Big. I don’t love it for some reason. It came out humongous, for one thing. For another, I can see all the mistakes (naturally), which is what happens when I “just wing it.” It’ll be okay, though. My son also happens to be beautiful and will distract people from my inability to count the correct amount of rows between color changes.

Other than that, I really didn’t accomplish anything. Between going to the funeral and being sick, I feel like I’m two weeks behind on my life. Jim made noises about helping me; but when I showed him my To Do list (which takes up two full pages of my notebook) he sort of chuckled uncomfortably and turned up the teevee.

Next week, though – next week I am going to Kick Some Ass!