Very Vegetable Victory

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In my eternal quest to find a vegetable that my Pasta-tarian son will eat, I am now experimenting with sweet potatoes. I’d be happy if I found two or three veggies he liked, so I need to make sure they are really worth it, nutritionally speaking. Sweet potatoes are ranked as one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables there are. I got him to agree to it by pasting on a smile and chirping that we were “going to be making our own french fries at home!”

So! Clever!

I had some not-great batches, which were deemed Not Crunchy Enough, but they ate enough of even the failed attempts that I was encouraged to keep going. Last night, I made the best batch so far.

I sliced them thinly on the side of my cheese grater that I’ve never used before. There might have been some cursing that the stupid slicer part was too close to the counter and I kept smashing my knuckles.

Then there might have been a moment when I decided I should totally buy a food processor. You know, for health reasons.

For the children.

Then I tossed them very lightly in olive oil (some of my previous attempts failed because I used too much oil and the chips got soggy), spread them out in a single layer on a sheet tray, cranked the oven to 500 and hoped for the best. They definitely got nice and crispy, but I almost ruined them by turning the oven down and stirring them too much. Jim was scared of the dark brown, but those ones were the best. After they came out, I sprinkled them with a little salt.

My people LOVED THEM!


Seriously, there are no words for how happy I am about this. Big refuses to eat most veggies, and has already informed me he hates the ones all the normal kids like (unless Normal Kids are some kind of mythological creature? I certainly don’t have any). No corn, peas, or green beans for this kid. He doesn’t even like mashed potatoes.

No mashed potatoes! 

It’s just wrong. Mashed potatoes are a sign God loves us.


But wait! It gets better! I had a brilliant idea for the second sweet potato dish of the evening. I sliced it into thicker chip/strips and did the same olive oil/sheet pan routine.

But then….

When they came out of the oven…


Well, maybe sprinkled is a bit of an understatement. I started out sprinkling, but it was such a good idea, I quickly switched to the More Is Better approach.

It was crazy talk!

And it was super delicious. They were gone in a matter of minutes.

Another Vegetable Victory!

I told Big later that some people melt marshmallows over their sweet potatoes. His eyes widened and he agreed we might want to give that a try.

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