Just Finish Something Already!

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So here we are at Week Two of the Just Finish Something Already! Blog Hop.

This hop has motivated me so much, that this week I finished exactly…nothing.

Ta Da!

The shawl is cruising along, so that counts for something. I have about 4 inches. More if I block it to death.

Which I will.

Um…..I went to Costco yesterday and spent THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY TWO DOLLARS. If cleaning out our bank account was my goal, then I rocked it!

I don’t know where Frugal Deb was. I think she was too busy eating all the free samples to notice what I put in the basket.

Wait, hold on – I just thought of something.

We put in some lighting in the family room. For the last three and a half years we have had an ugly empty hole in the ceiling, and now we have this:

And the kitchen, which had horrible lighting, now has this:

It’s not very glamorous, but I am counting it because a) it’s all I’ve got; and b) I’m pretty happy to have a light after almost 4 stinking years.

Seriously – four years. Who would wait that long?

Lazy Mole People, that’s who.

ps – those pictures would be a lot better if I hadn’t taken them in the middle of the night about 10 minutes before I published this post. But that’s how I roll, yo.