Big Meanie-Head

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When I first started baking my own bread, I discovered a woman who gives bread making lessons. She lives about an hour away, and once a month she hosts classes in her home. I have attended several of them. It’s usually a very enjoyable evening – I get some time to myself AND we get to eat what she makes in the class.

A month ago, she sent out an email listing all her upcoming classes. I was interested in attending a class on Christmas baking, and yesterday sent her an email to verify the date of the class. She wrote back saying that it was a class for homeschoolers only.

That sounded terrific! My boy LOVES to bake and even though I hadn’t thought about taking him with me, it would be fun to hang out with a bunch of other homeschooling, bread-baking weirdos. I emailed her and told her that we ARE homeschoolers, that my son is almost 6, and asked what age range would be there.

She emailed me back that it was for mothers and daughters ONLY.

And that is why other people suck.