For My Fellow Procrastinators

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It’s only 67 days until Christmas.

I am abyssmally behind on all my projects.

I am having a hard time getting motivated.

I decided start a blog hop in the hopes it will shame motivate me into finishing some things. At this point starting them would be progress.

I am going to call it the Just Finish Something Already! Blog Hop, and I am going to host it on Mondays. I thought about Fridays because I like alliteration, but think it’s actually more likely that I will might WILL work on the weekends and then I can have something to report. Hopefully.

So, all my fellow procrastinators! If you need a little extra push to finish that project, clean out that closet, or Just Finish Something Already! you are welcome to link up with me on Mondays and brag about it. In fact, PLEASE link up with me, because I will mighty embarrassed if I am the only one around here who can’t accomplish anything.

Even if it’s just that you picked up all the laundry and flung it down the basement stairs, it counts.

We won’t be judgey. You are among friends here.

*Note to self: Figure out how to host a blog hop by Monday.