Beverly Hills, That’s where I wanna be…

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Gimme Gimme, Gimme Gimme…

Well, yesterday afternoon I shooed everyone outside, got a bowl of ice cream and settled in to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. About 30 seconds in, I had to pause the teevee and get a notebook. Why did I have to do that? Because I saw a woman give her DOG breakfast in BED. A people bed. Made up with probably 1000 thread-count sheets.

Dog food.

On a tray.

In a bed.

Oh yeah. This is going to be good.

When Housewife Taylor introduced herself, she said that she had grown up in Oklahoma in a normal family. But growing up, she just knew she was destined for bigger things. In fact, she was envious of the people who were content in their middle class lives. Apparently it is a lot of pressure having high aspirations. Poor thing.

I don’t really see how moving to Beverly Hills and marrying the richest guy you can find qualifies as “high” aspirations, but whatever. I am just middle class and clearly don’t understand these things.

Paris Hilton’s aunt Kim told us about the trials of being a beloved (?) child actress and how great all her fans were. Then she blew kisses at the camera and said “she still loved us all.” Isn’t it nice that she remembers the Little People? I feel warm all over. I didn’t realize that a guest starring spot on CHiPs made someone a Television Icon, but that just illustrates once again that I am average and ignorant.

Camille Grammer has 2 children and 4 nannies. FOUR nannies. But that totally does not mean that she is not a completely involved parent. Stop being so judgey. Jeez.

Here is my question, though. HOW do these women wear those 7″ stiletto heals all day? My feet would be killing me after about 30 seconds. And that’s assuming I didn’t fall over and break an ankle right after I stood up. Of course, it might help if you only weigh 47 pounds. Then I suppose it’s no big deal. They only have barely enough body mass to anchor them to the earth as it is. Those stupid platform heels might be the only thing keeping them from floating off entirely. Oh wait – I forgot about the fake boobs. Those are doing their part. And the collagen injections.

I just love this swill.