That’s a Relief…

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All that thinking for ourselves WAS getting a little tedious wasn’t it?

Tuscon School Bans Students from Bringing Processed Foods. They TAKE IT AWAY if they don’t approve of what mom packed! How about a ban on Stealing Other People’s Food?

California School Bans THE DICTIONARY because kids were looking up dirty words. In fairness, they did reverse the ban, but STILL. They banned THE DICTIONARY. For a minute it was awesome for the kids who were sick of being told to “look it up.”

School Bans Christmas Music. No more Silent Night? Boo.

And Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets. Dadgum perverts. Wanting to bring awareness to breast cancer is no excuse for Titillating Ta-Ta Talk.

And Hooded Sweatshirts. That’s the trouble with these youngsters. Bunch of sissies who want to keep warm. I didn’t even HAVE a jacket when I was a kid. I milked 500 cows in the SNOW and then walked UPHILL (both ways!) to school in my BARE FEET with nothing but a baked potato in my pocket to keep me warm. Then I had to eat the potato for lunch.

And don’t even think about Take Your Daughter to Work Day. Can’t miss ONE DAY of school to visit your family or your WHOLE education is at risk? Self-important much?

One Australian school tried to ban – wait, this can’t be right – TOILET PAPER? Surely students without t.p. pose a much greater threat than those with it…