A Question For Mah Peeps

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All right, my fellow home educators – it’s question time.

I have a friend, Hortense (not really, but that’s the name she picked), who is a university professor with a PhD in Eductional Psychology. She teaches in the Teacher Prep department, educating future teachers. She sent me an email yesterday telling me about a class she is teaching (I am guessing an Ed Psych class) in which the students are “…studying sociocultural theory, which describes how learning takes place within specific cultural contexts. As a way of encouraging them to recognize our shared cultural context, I am asking students to familiarize themselves with the public conversation on education and educational reform…”

She asked if she could direct her students to my blog, so they could explore home schooling as an education choice.

I am of two minds about this. First, I am obviously flattered, because anyone who reads this drivel has endeared themselves to me forever. Seriously – I love you all.

In a totally non-creepy way.


ANYway, the other part of me is not particularly interested in throwing open the doors to a bunch of know-it-all 20 year olds who will be tempted to engage me in tedious “what about socialization” debates. Realistically, these are future (likely public school) teachers who probably aren’t terribly open to criticism of their chosen profession. And I don’t fault them for that at all.

So, I reserved the right to think about it, but I did send her some book recommendations – Holt and Gatto, mostly. I also pointed her to articles about some of the educational philosophies in the home school world – Charlotte Mason, Classical, Unschooling, etc. I linked her to HSLDA, Simple Homeschool, the Freedom to Learn blog at Psychology Today, and Life Without School. I told her about two utterly amazing and compelling youTube videos – Sir Ken at TED, and Sugata Mitra at TED.

If you are going to click a link, click Sugata Mitra. I found it to be mind blowing.

And now, after that lengthy introduction, The Question:

Are any of you interested in letting future teachers visit your blog to read about the real-life journey of home schooling? Would be willing to have the students visit a certain post on your blog about why you have chosen homeschooling? Can you think of any other books, articles, or websites that I could tell Hortense about?

Tell me what you think in the comments, and I will forward everything to her.

Thanks, peeps. I would be lost without you.

I did not send her this because I thought it might come off as rude, but I love it —