I’d like to thank the Academy…

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You know how it is – there are giveaways on blogs all over the internet. I never enter because I never win.

Those two things might be connected. 

But I won something the other day! A $45 gift certificate to CSN Stores from Michelle, Michelle, the Science Gal at Applie’s Place. I could not wait to start looking for the exact right thing to buy. 

You would not believe what a hard time I had picking something! I have been looking off and on for DAYS. There is so much to choose from! I had a hard time even narrowing down the category I wanted to shop in. 

Should I get a pan from Rachael Ray? I love the orange and green, but don’t need one. 

A game for the kids? Please. I spend all my available money on these kids, I think it’s mama’s turn for a pressie. 

A throw blanket? Boring. 

New knives? Very tempting, but I checked Amazon, and they are cheaper there. Same with a food processor, although that spent several days in my cart. 

I thought seriously about new chairs for the schoolroom, but shipping was going to be more than the cost of the actual chairs, so…. 

In the end I went with new stainless steel measuring cups, which I need very badly. Someone, who may or may not be my husband, left one of my plastic ones on a hot burner and killed it. Now measuring out 1 cup of flour irritates me mightily. These are fancy, and are something I rilly, rilly wanted. That bitch, Frugal Deb would probably never let me buy them, so a gift certificate worked out great! 

Now Applie is my favorite person. You can be too!

(If you catch my drift.)

Thank You, Michelle!!!