Just Finish Something Already!

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So here we are at Week Two of the Just Finish Something Already! Blog Hop.

This hop has motivated me so much, that this week I finished exactly…nothing.

Ta Da!

The shawl is cruising along, so that counts for something. I have about 4 inches. More if I block it to death.

Which I will.

Um…..I went to Costco yesterday and spent THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY TWO DOLLARS. If cleaning out our bank account was my goal, then I rocked it!

I don’t know where Frugal Deb was. I think she was too busy eating all the free samples to notice what I put in the basket.

Wait, hold on – I just thought of something.

We put in some lighting in the family room. For the last three and a half years we have had an ugly empty hole in the ceiling, and now we have this:

And the kitchen, which had horrible lighting, now has this:

It’s not very glamorous, but I am counting it because a) it’s all I’ve got; and b) I’m pretty happy to have a light after almost 4 stinking years.

Seriously – four years. Who would wait that long?

Lazy Mole People, that’s who.

ps – those pictures would be a lot better if I hadn’t taken them in the middle of the night about 10 minutes before I published this post. But that’s how I roll, yo.

Thinking about School

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This is interesting…

Be Less Helpful. Very interesting. And hard to do.

On the other hand, I am lazy, so I can probably find a way.

Real learning is a process of discovery, and if we want it to happen, we must create conditions in which discoveries are made. We know what these are. They include time, leisure, freedom, and lack of pressure.  – John Holt

Weird and Irrational

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I have a lot of weird and irrational fears.

Well, I don’t think they are irrational, obviously; but I threw that in there to seem less crazy.

When my sister went away to college, I used to call her and give her random bits of advice. Don’t drink and sit in a hot tub. Don’t drink and swim. Don’t drink and go boating (do you know how many alcohol + water fatalities there are every year?) Don’t let your beverages out of your sight at a party.

How would she know what to be afraid of if I didn’t tell her? I was doing my sisterly duty.

Last year for Christmas she told me she wanted new drinking glasses to celebrate buying her first house. I immediately sent her an email outlining the advantages of acrylic over glass. What if I bought her glass and her dishwasher went on the fritz and she had to wash her dishes by hand and she cut herself deeply, passed out from loss of blood and her cats ate her before anyone discovered her body? 

That would be gross.

And what about balloons? Those things are Instruments of Death. I’ve never let either of the kids play with one. 

All the things the government has banned, yet they have totally missed the balloon thing. Once we were in Kansas visiting Jim’s family when Big was about 10 months old. One of his relatives was letting their 2 year old play with a balloon. I was, natch, horrified at that. I pulled Jim aside and hissed, “do you SEE what they are letting him PLAY WITH? Can you BELIEVE IT?!” like it was a dirty needle or something. 

These same people later demonstrated to us how much the baby loved beer, and how cute that was. More horrified whispering ensued, “why don’t they just change his name to ALCOHOLIC and be done with it!”

Sometimes you just don’t want to know what sort of gene pool you’re dealing with.

I have a friend who never lets her kids have spiral-bound notebooks because she worries the metal spiral thingy will get caught in their eye.

Now THAT’S weird.

Just Finish Something Already! Blog Hop

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And now, the moment we have all been waiting for…the first week of the Just Finish Something Already! Blog Hop!

All right, maybe we ALL haven’t been waiting for it, but whatever.

This week, I started my mother-in-law’s Annual Christmas Shawl. I know it might not SEEM like I finished anything, but look hard – I finished the PLANNING portion of the shawl-making process.

Project WIN!

Shut up. It counts. We can make up our own rules.

You knitters out there know that the pre-knitting process can be long. It took me about 3 months just to settle on the project, and another 2 months to figure out my yarn. On top of that, I always have to cast-on every project about 47 times. So it might not LOOK like I’ve done much, but I am actually about 40% there.

Which, if the past is any indication, is what I will be telling my husband at midnight on Christmas Eve. Look sweetie! Only eighteen more inches to go!

If I decide to finish this thing at all, that is. The mother-in-law in question showed up on Saturday to celebrate Jim’s birthday. She brought harmonicas for the kids.


In my house.

Where my children are.

Frankly, the harmonicas are not only killing my desire to finish the shawl, they are sapping my very will to live.

Hopefully at some point between now and Christmas, this will turn into a shawl: 

I’ve knit twelve rows already. Probably I can take a break until December.

Link up and brag about what you’ve accomplished recently!