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The other day I was following rabbits all over the internet, and one of my regular reads (don’t remember who) was talking about Laura Kelley at Pitter Patter Art. I am always interested in original arts and crafts, and Laura sells her artwork because they are saving to adopt a child. She makes the most adorable custom bags, t-shirts, necklaces, and baby items. She also makes custom key fobs, which is what I ordered last week. She has a boatload of fabrics to choose from and she created a key fob in two of my favorite colors, orange and green. I received it in a matter of days and it is SO CUTE! I am going to put my keys on it tonight, and now I will not lose them in the bottom of my bag. I love giving unique handmade gifts, and with Christmas and baby showers coming up, I definitely am planning on another shopping visit to her site.

Link over and check out her stuff – it’s all really terrific. And without getting too sappy about it, I was really pleased to be able to add to their adoption fund.