It’s Knitting Season!

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Thank goodness Fall is finally peeking around the corner. I love Fall. Fall feels like the beginning of a new year to me more than January does. Sweaters, boots, new school supplies…and finally the end of summer.

I’ve kept this to myself, so as not to appear overly Scrooge-like, but I HATE summer. I REALLY hate it. The bugs, the heat, the glaring sun, the boob sweat, the swarms of sullen teenagers that seem to clog up everything. Every September, I breathe a little sigh of relief that it’s over. I do have to put up with football season, but I can’t have it all.

Fall makes me excited to knit all over again. I didn’t do a lot of knitting over the summer because it was hot enough without putting a big pile of wool in my lap. But now, the air is crisping up, and my thoughts are turning to Christmas projects and playing in the snow. I want to pick something and cast on, but I have a big stack of unfinished projects and I should probably figure out what I am doing with those before I start yarn-ho-ing around.

In each one of these bags is an unfinished project, or a work-in-progress as the optimistic call them.

First up, we have an abandoned sock monkey and about an inch of Tunisian Crochet, both destined for the frog pond. I do want to learn how to do Tunisian Crochet, but that bit isn’t going to be anything decent, and all it’s doing is reminding me that I have NOT learned to crochet. The monkey…well, the monkey was going to be a baby gift, but it was really annoying to knit. The yarn looks cool though. Maybe I’ll call the governor and get a stay of execution. Poor thing.


This one isn’t going to be frogged, but I don’t know if I’ll ever knit it’s mate. I should frame it and pretend it’s art.

Next, two more things that were are supposed to be gifts. This is a blanket that was is supposed to go to the same baby as the sock monkey. I started it back when they were still in the Trying To Get Pregnant Stage. The baby is now 8 months old. If I manage to knit 1/4 of a blanket every two years, plus time for sewing it up…I might have it done by the time he’s in high school. I should shoot for 1st birthday, though. It would still be a nice pressie.

This is a felted vest that I started for my son about a year and a half ago. The thing about knitting for kids is that their stuff is small and goes quicker. On the other hand, they outgrow things in ten minutes – or, you know, in TWO YEARS. All I need to do here is finish up the i-cord around the edge and I’m done. This would be good football knitting, and maybe I can give it to him at Christmas.

And he can then save it for his son, because it will be too small.

I started a matching one for his sister, but I’m not going to keep embarassing myself by showing yet another project with only 3 inches knitted. Besides, it lives in the same project bag as the blue sweater, so it doesn’t count.

Finally, we have some projects that actually have a chance of getting finished.

A Noro Two-Row Scarf by Jared Flood. I love how this is turning out. It’s easy and it’s pretty. I usually take it to Knit Night because I can gossip and knit it at the same time.

A weird ribbed hat in Denver Broncos colors. I love this yarn. I use it all the time and I know the gauge, but for some reason it’s turning out gigantic. Oh well, we always need more hats around here, and it wasn’t a real pattern – I was just making it up in my head after I saw something similar online. They’ll probably use it to haul legos.

Lastly, a fingerless glove.

This yarn used to be unbearably hideous and was a gift from my mother-in-law. She went to Peru last year and when she said she’d brought me back some real Peruvian fiber, I was SO EXCITED. But then it turned out to be 20 skeins in a variegated shade of Cotton-Candy pink, Needs-to-Drink-More-Water yellow, and white.

It was maybe the ugliest thing I have ever seen. And it was 100% baby alpaca! Such a waste. I took it to knit night to get some sympathy from my buddies, and one of them suggested over-dying it. I told her she could have half if she did it, and she put some kind of purple-y color on it. It’s about a thousand times better now. These will eventually be a gift for the same mother-in-law that gave me the yarn. If she remembers that this is not the original color, I’ll just tell her that it was too ugly for human eyes and I had to fix it.

So there they are, all my half-assed unfinished projects, lying naked for the world three people to see. Maybe exposing myself like this will inspire me to Just Finish Something Already!