Seven Things

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I was over reading Connie at The Young and Relentless, and she was talking about turning 40 and setting goals and stuff along those lines. I have seven months left until I am f…fff….FORTY.

It hurts a little bit to say that number.

Forty is a number I associate with my parents. When my mom was forty, I was in COLLEGE. When I got married, she was all of forty-three. When I turn forty, I am hoping to finally be past the stage of my life when I am getting my foot peed on regularly by a potty training person.

Anyway, I like this idea of having some goals. Things to accomplish before I turn forty. Or Black Sunday as I might start calling it. One new thing a month, that’s not too much, right? Us elderly people have to pace ourselves, you know.

Seven Things

  • Learn to make my own tortillas
  • Learn to crochet, at least a little
  • Learn to weave
  • Touch every. single. thing we own and make a conscious decision about it
  • Figure out how to use McLinky and host a blog hop
  • Get a new camera and actually read the instructions (this one is far-fetched on so many levels)
  • Figure out what I want to do when I grow up

All right, that doesn’t look so bad. Probably I should have put in a couple soft-ball goals, like Eat More Chocolate or Go To The Movies, but I’ll give these a shot.

If I fail, don’t think I won’t delete this post in 6 months and just pretend like this never happened. Being a better person wasn’t on the list.