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  • The other day, I gave my kids goldfish crackers for breakfast. In the car. Because I just needed to go to Starbucks that badly.


  • I overheard some mom the other day complaining about laundry stains. Here is what I do about that: make my kids strip to the waist before every meal. Ta Da! Problem solved! You’re welcome.


  • My mother-in law is coming for a visit next week. The last time she was here, Little sat on her lap and exclaimed, “I didn’t know GIRLS could grow MUSTACHES!”


  • I let my hair guy wax my eyebrows. It was weird.


  • I found an adorable pink cardigan for my daughter at the thrift store. It was in great condition. When I got it home, I saw that it was Calvin Klein. CALVIN KLEIN. For a THREE YEAR OLD. I’m sorry, but whoever originally bought a designer sweater for a child is a sucker. Which is, in fact, the nicest possible thing I can think of to say about that.


  • I got a very weird spam comment the other day. It said “Another tragedy in the making. I guess we won’t stop unless we have destroyed everything.” I guess I should apologize that my post about the kids’ little garden aroused such a strong response. Who knew cucumbers could set someone off like that?