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Yesterday, I washed about a billion red plums and chopped them up.

The color was incredible.

After about two HOURS of chopping golf-ball sized plums and cutting my thumbs on those stupid razor-sharp pits, I told my husband that this was probably going to be a one-time event. All that chopping was sapping my will to live. Or at least my will to make jam.

Then I added a bunch of sugar and some apple juice, and set it on the stove to cook down and soften, mashing them every so often with a potato masher. 

Then I read the directions on Angie’s recipe and it said to measure the sugar very carefully or it won’t set right.



I shrugged and got out my little stick blender, then puréed the plums and strained them.

And got the most spectacular, the most delicious, red plum syrup I could have ever imagined.

We immediately poured some over frozen blackberries and ate them for dessert. We kept thinking of things we could do with this syrup. Pouring it over pancakes was a popular choice, with mixing it into iced tea running a close second.

After letting it cool in the fridge overnight, I added pectin, lemon juice, and corn syrup.

It is slightly less jelly-like than store-bought jam, so maybe there’s something to that whole “measuring” bit after all. But it is DELICIOUS and we made it ourselves! AND we got 10 little containers of jam for only $60! It’s a bargain, people!

Clearly, I excel at this homesteading thing.

* Lamest Blog Post Title EVER