Spider Webs

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Last night my poor daughter woke up again in the middle of the night with a bad dream. This one was about spider webs. I got out the bought-for-this-exact-occasion sleeping bag, and put her in her brother’s room on the floor. Big never noticed a thing. 


Until about an hour later, when he came careening into our room saying a spider had crawled on his arm. After looking for the spider and trying to reassure BOTH kids, we got out sleeping bag #2 and put him on the floor beside his sister. 

But even at 3 in the morning, the siren song of sleepover fun could not be ignored and after listening to a half hour of giggling and thumping, we had to separate them. Big went back into his bed, and Little dragged her sleeping bag into our room and laid down on the floor beside me. For an eternity, I hung my arm over the side and stroked her hair, hoping she would just GO TO SLEEP ALREADY. 

Today, I spent an hour cuddling and talking to her about bad dreams and reassuring her that there were no spiders or webs in her room. 

And then. 

And then she went to get a drink of water and promptly burst into tears that there were spiders in the kitchen. 

I may have rolled my eyes at this point. Or even said, exasperated, “no there AREN’T! Just get your drink and come out of there” 

But she fussed and whimpered and pointed until I finally went to look. 

Sure enough – a tiny spider, hanging from a tiny web. Right at her eye level – right over her cup. 

Holy CRAP, Universe! Quit messing with me!