In which I am frightened of canning

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So I have eighteen thousand plums to do something with. Someone suggested canning, but I am scared of canning, because you know, botulism and everything. Then I remembered reading that Angie at Many Little Blessings made freezer jam a while back. I can do that – I KNOW how to freeze stuff. The goal – turn these plums into delicious, non-poisonous jam.

I went online and found a bunch of recipes, then Big and I headed to WalMart. Oy, the WalMart. They have finished re-arranging it (finally), but everything is in an entirely different place and it takes me twice as long to shop. They actually issued me a MAP inside the front door.

I found the canning aisle and figured out what I needed for freezer jam.

But then.

I saw this pickling-powder-spice-mix stuff for making pickles. And then I saw this little beginner set of canning supplies. And a cookbook about how to can food without killing anyone.

Sixty dollars later, I finally escaped the vortex, but I fear it’s too late. I can feel the tug of canning. With any luck, the pickles will turn out to be awful and I can continue on without stupidly volunteering to add another job to my Mommy Resumé.