In which I am Inept, Impressed, and Nauseated

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So we’ve probably all heard tell of that Valedictorian speech that is racing around the internets. You know – the one where the Valedictorian wonders if compulsory education provided her with anything other than the ability to regurgitate information? I thought it might be an urban legend or something. But no, an 18 year old girl really gave this speech. And if I could figure out how to embed a freaking video in WordPress, I’d put it here.

Unfortunately, I am inept. And yes, I followed the instructions on youTube. I remain, as always, stymied by technology.

I can however, manage a link, so here it is: Kick-Ass Speech

Here’s a link to more interesting commentary from SmrtMama. She writes about some Behavior Rules a friend’s third grader brought home – one of which details exactly how to clap properly.


We must control the thoughts and actions of an EIGHT YEAR OLD to the point of giving them instructions on HOW TO APPLAUD? I have no words. Well, maybe profanity. Mixed with a lot of sadness. Why don’t we see what we are doing to our babies with this nonsense? Our sweet, precious, energetic, babies? Honestly, I don’t feel that it’s an exaggeration to believe we are killing a part of them – killing delight, fantasy, creativity, joy, wonder, curiosity. . . I’m pretty sure there is more leniency in a federal prison than in that third grade class. 

It is absurd and anti-life to be a part of a system that compels you to listen to a stranger reading poetry when you want to learn to construct buildings, or to sit with a stranger discussing the construction of buildings when you want to read poetry.

John Taylor Gatto