The Ugly Truth

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Everyone was SO HONEST yesterday on the Blog Hop!

I shoveled all kinds of crap educational stuff out of camera range so I could take presentable pictures, and then everyone else let it all hang out.

I felt a little guilty. So in the interest of full disclosure, here is what didn’t make it into the Schoolroom Beautiful pictures:

The Book Cart, which needs straightening. And OH YEAH, dig the books out from under the couch and put them away.

The closet in my office, where I store all the Future Schoolbooks and the Might Need This Someday stuff.

The bottom shelves hold the Free Play type things. You know, the crayons, markers and stickers that look so innocuous, but in the wrong hands hold the power to Sty-ify any room in a matter of minutes?

A cupboard over my desk with an old laptop that I need to load QuarterMile Math on, the ProClick (oh, ProClick, how I love thee…), and other assorted books and manipulatives.

And finally, the REAL Ugly Truth: My desk, where the magic happens –

And now you know – The Rest Of The Story.

Somebody ought to do something about this mess. I wonder whose job that is?