NOT Back to School – Our School Room!

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This week on the NOT Back to School Blog Hop, it’s School Room Week!

Here are some pictures of our school room, formerly known as the dining room. The living room and dining room form an ell, so I am standing in the living room to take these. There is totally not a huge mess right out of camera range because of the amount of shoveling I had to do to make this room presentable. I know these pictures are a little out of focus, but they aren’t bad for a completely cluesless person with a crap camera . . . right?

Try to appreciate how clean and neat it is – I’m pretty sure it’ll never look like this again. Here we have our tiny little table and chairs (OH THE CUTENESS) and our wall of pocket charts. In case you can’t tell how I hung those up (to avoid the pockets coming down when say, hypothetically, Certain Tiny People yank on them despite repeated warnings . . . I mean, obviously my children would never do that, but I’ve heard of it happening), I bought a 1×4, painted it white, and screwed it into the studs. Then I used extra-sturdy cup hooks to hang the charts on the 1×4. It works great, and I can rearrange or change out the charts without it turning into a big deal.

We have the ubiquitous Hundred and Alphabet Charts. The red pockets are Classroom Organizer Pockets, which I use in an extremely modified Workbox-y fashion. The little shelves underneath hold math manipulatives, pencil boxes, stickers, crayons, paper, and flashcard games. Before the shoveling, there was a little city of Matchbox cars being garaged. That’s our All About Spelling whiteboard on the far left.

Someone should’ve changed that volcano calender before she started getting all impressed with how the schoolroom was looking . . .

And on the other side is the entrance to the kitchen, the Calender Chart (clearly I have a Problem with Pocket Charts), and the little bookcase that houses my Mommy stuff. This bookcase is theoretically off-limits to people who are not the Mommy. I have my Binder which houses the schedule and all other important things, teacher’s manuals, the inserts for all those dadgum pocket charts, the pencil sharpener, the All About Spelling tiles and review cards . . .and maybe a sudoku book or two.

Speaking of Teacher’s Manuals, am I the only one who shells out money for them and then NEVER refers to them? Maybe that one time when I was trying to figure out what the heck the picture was supposed to be in Explode the Code – which they won’t even tell you! NO, the manuals are just full of a bunch of teaching crap.

Anyway! That’s our room! Of course there is all sorts of stuff elsewhere – whiteboards with magnetic alphabets and tangrams; a ridiculous level of crayons, markers, paper, stickers, coloring books, puzzle books, picture books, read aloud books, books, books, and more books; science experiments and maniplulatives and so on and so forth ad nauseum . . .  I’m saving my pennies for a big old chalkboard, just because I want one oh-so-very-badly.

Next week it’s school pictures! If you’d like to join the Blog Hop, head over to Heart of the Matter and link up!