People, I have a Question

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And that is: Do people in your regular life know you have a blog?

I have only told two people in my real life about this blog. One of whom is my Best Friend, and we’ve been friends for so long, she has to love me. It’s a habit by now. Plus I made it a rule. My husband knows, of course. He’s my IT guy. I don’t know how much he reads it. I have a suspicion he encouraged me to start writing so I would use up my daily allowance of words on other victims people. He was probably hoping it would tame the verbal vomit of Your-Daughter-Peed-On-My-Foot-Again-Today stories he hears the minute he walks in the door. Or maybe he isn’t kidding when he pretends he’s doesn’t want to hear about knitting.

That’s ridiculous. He loves knitting.

ANYway, today I was grousing about one thing or another to a Knitterly Friend of mine, and she made some comment about how funny I was and that I should write.

You can see why she’s my friend.

Aside from being super flattered, I now feel weird that I started a blog but did not tell her. She has a blog, and I think I might have mentioned once I was thinking about starting one too.

Here’s the thing. I am a pretty private person (oh, the irony). I don’t tell people much of anything. I have a very small circle of emotional intimacy. And there aren’t any in-laws or relatives or acquantaince-y type friends in it. I won’t even “friend” my mother-in-law on Facebook. I can’t help but think it would feel weird to go to Knit Night and know that all these people were reading about me (oh, the narcissism), perhaps even things I might not have otherwise told them. AND there’s always the possibility that it could get back around to people that I really DON’T want peeking in my windows.

On the other hand, how would I feel if someone who was becoming-a-friend had a blog, but didn’t tell me? It’s like if I don’t tell her soon (while the blog is still fairly new), then I can never tell her. What am I gonna do, in a year say something like, “oh yeah, I’ve had one for a while now?” That seems rude. I don’t want to hurt her feelings.

See the dilemma? What do you think?