First Day of School Report

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Yesterday was our first day back doing schoolwork after a longer-than-planned summer break. In summary: 

  • The stupid air conditioner broke over the weekend, so I had to write a gigantic check to the Guy first thing in the morning. Take that Boob Sweat!


  • Big got up early and got himself dressed; then snuck down into the schoolroom to surprise me by practicing his handwriting, doing TWO pages of phonics, and attempting math. All by himself. I’m sorry, but that is JUST CUTE.


  • The break did not make Mommy more patient. In fact, I think my patience muscles are completely atrophied. I spent more time than I care to admit yelling saying things like “When I’m talking, you’re not talking” and “focus, people!”


  • I did not say anything rude when Big said he forgot how to write a five. I might have mentally rolled my eyes, but still. Half a point for me.


  • Little refuses to be patronized with crayons and construction paper now. She demands “real schoolwork.” Apparently “real schoolwork” consists of stickers. Lots and lots of stickers. And not those cheap ones either. The really expensive eight-dollar sticker books that she will fill up in two days.


  • I decided that we should have back-to-school cupcakes and sent Jim an email telling him he’d need to come home early so I could go to the store and get a cake mix.  

All in all, not bad. We did not get to Spelling and only did one page of Math. 

But there were cupcakes. And there’s always tomorrow.