Feeder Reader?

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Ok, so I just spent the morning getting all the blogs I read into a feed reader. I am on the cutting edge of technology over here. It was either that or balance the checkbook. Previously, I had a folder called “blogs” and I just put all my links in there. I have mixed feelings about the switch.

One one hand, I will be able to see everything in one place and I will be able to see when there are new posts without clicking on each individual link every day. I have been limiting the blogs I read just because it is very time consuming to click on every link, especially when some people don’t post very often. Now, I can stack my reading list sky-high if I want, because I will be notified when there is something new. I am in love with this concept.

On the other hand, I didn’t see that I could comment from Google Reader, so I will have to link over anyway. Will I take the trouble to do that? I love commenting and feeling like I am part of a conversation. Will I get too lazy to do it? Do people who read through feed readers comment less or does it not make a difference? Am I the last person around who does not use a reader? Plus, I wonder if I will miss seeing each blog. Each one is unique and represents an individual who probably put a lot of thought into their look. I know I did. I was mucking about in the code for weeks before I ever published anything. Will it seem too impersonal to read through a feed rather than going to the writer’s “home”? I often check out the blogrolls in the sidebars, and I will miss out on some of that, too…

Thoughts? Do you read using a feed reader? If you have a blog, do you think it impacts your comments one way or the other? Does it change the way you comment?

(normally, I find questions at the end of posts intrusive and manipulative, but in this case, I REALLY want to know. so spill)