Thirteen DOZEN Muffins*

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I know, it’s all cooking all the time over here. It’s getting a little tedious. I feel like that too, but I have to get some stuff in the freezer because Big Brother is starting up. I can’t waste a bunch of time feeding people when I could be delighting in the angst of moronic twenty-somethings. You know what’s funny? I always describe myself as someone who hates reality television.

I made a triple batch of banana muffins today. My Amazing Bosch handled it without even a whimper. I love this machine. Actually my recipe is for Best Banana Bread Ever,  but I find muffins easier to give to little people, so that’s what I made. I did not have enough bananas to quite stretch, so I made up the difference with applesauce. I used freshly ground wheat flour and some flax meal. Big does not like chunks of nuts in his bread, so I ground up the walnuts nice and fine before I added them. Unfortunately, he saw me do this and now I am destined to watch him inspect his muffins with a magnifying glass, on the lookout for some walnut chunk of an Unacceptable Size.

* I should have titled this post In Which I Am A ROCK STAR, because after making all THOSE muffins, I went on to make a triple batch of Oatmeal Muffins and FIVE DOZEN 6 Grain Muffins. 

That’s right, I have made thirteen DOZEN muffins today. And now, I shall commence doing nothing. At least for another 30 minutes, then it will be time to start dinner. Dang it.

(being Averse to Direction Following, I do make adjustments to the recipes. In fact, I didn’t even recognize the 10 Grain Cereal muffin recipe on Bob’s Red Mill when I was looking for the link. I use freshly ground whole wheat flour, regular sugar, and the Organic 6 Grain Cereal)