Fireworks in the Driveway

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Last year was the first year we did any fireworks with the kids. When Jim was telling me he wanted to get some stuff for the kids to set off in the driveway, he had obviously given it so much thought that I accused him of having a Five-Year Plan that would begin with pop-its and culminate in the launch of an actual missile. He did not deny it.

I was concerned the noise would scare them, but apparently the explosions can’t BE big enough to satisfy. Last year, Big had all sorts of elaborate ideas to dig a hole, put all the fireworks in it, cover it back up with dirt and then light the fuse to make a big dirt explosion. This year, his plan involved taking peaches from our tree, poking holes in them, filling them with fireworks, and blowing those up. All the neighbors take turns going out into the middle of the cul-de-sac and setting crap on fire. The teenage boys across the street are particularly inventive.