These recipes are terrific. For realsies.

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Today, continuing in my quest to fill the freezer, I had to finish tackling the 20 pounds of hamburger I had in the fridge. I used 8 pounds and got seven Stuffing MeatLoafs out of it. With the other 12 pounds I made Basic Meatballs. Due to a slight (hah!) miscalculation in the number of meatballs my recipe makes, I ended up with approximately 80 bajillion meatballs. I was shooting for 240, and I got 450. Just a tiny error. (don’t worry, I corrected it in the recipe)

I am officially OVER ground beef and will be happy to avoid it for the next 4 months, or however long all this stuff lasts. 

In other news, I think I might need to evaluate the selections on my iPod. My three year old daughter was grooving along with The Black-Eyed Peas. It’s one thing when she waves her hand to Beyonce’s Single Ladies, but to hear her tiny voice singing, “…my humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps…” 

Yeah. That’s not what I’m going for.