The Floor, the Neighbor, and the Meatloaf*

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I am tired. I have 20 pounds of hamburger in the fridge to turn into meatloaves and meatballs, so unfortunately laying on the couch drinking sweet tea is not happening today. 

Little woke up screaming for me last night. Heart-wrenching cries of “mommy…MOMMY!” I was in her room before I was even awake. Poor thing. I think she has vivid dreams like her mama. Big has only had a bad dream once, but Little wakes up with night terrors every so often. I have had horrible nightmares my whole life. They have lessened as I have gotten older, but I can still remember specific bad dreams from my childhood. When I had these dreams, I was not treated as kindly as I wish I had been, and I don’t want my own children to ever lay in their beds afraid and alone. 

So I brought her into bed with us, where she apparently found it soothing to kick me in the knees for an hour. Eventually, she drifted off and we carried her back to her bed, but she woke up crying again only a few minutes later. This time I got a pillow and a blanket and laid on her floor, my arm wrenched up and over the side of her bed so she could hold it in a death grip cuddle me. Every time I squirmed (dude. the floor. so not as comfortable as it was when I was having elementary school sleepovers), her little face would peak over at me to make sure I wasn’t going anywhere. After what seemed like an eternity, I sneaked back into bed. Where I laid awake listening to our elderly neighbor host what sounded like a kick-ass drunken party. For the third night in a row. She was playing rap music. At 3 am. 

But then I got to thinking. We have lived here for three years. The craziest party she has ever had was her son’s 40th wedding anniversary party or something. She put carpet in the garage and they had cake. The worst thing that happened was people blocked our driveway. So what is UP with an entire week of loud music, drunk people smashing beer bottles in the street, and LOTS of cursing in the middle of the night? Is she even in there? Has her house been taken over by some nocturnal gang of partiers? Are the cops going to show up and be all, “ma’am, have you seen your neighbor lately? Have you noticed any suspicious activities?” And we’ll be all, “well, I haven’t seen her, but there have been a bunch of drunken partiers over there all week who are about 50 years younger than her. Other than that everything’s normal.” And we’ll look like those dumbasses that they interview on the evening news, “ay-yup, I smelt sumpin’ but I thought it was just mah whiskey still in the backyard thar.”

*How about THAT. Sort of an intriguing, Kafka-esque title, no?