Knockoff of Q’doba’s Mexican Gumbo

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Here’s the thing. I can’t face making dinner every. single. night. An hour of cooking and hour of cleaning is just not my idea of a good time. Eating out is not a good solution, because I am a tightwad. Also, I want to feed my family reasonably healthy meals. How do I avoid cooking whilst still providing home-cooked meals? (excellent question, pets!) I am a freezer cook. Every three months or so, I spend a week or two in a cooking frenzy and make a bunch of meals for the freezer. 

I have been cooking this way for so long, I don’t know what to do if there aren’t any meals in the freezer for dinner. I stare into the refrigerator in a stupor, as if something will leap into my arms. Maybe with a little sign on it saying Cook Me! 

I’m at this point right now as a matter of fact. We have been alternating between two kinds of soup and some chicken of indeterminate origin. And we just polished off the last of the soup. So I have resolved to get off my ass this week and cook. If I work hard enough now, then I can DO NOTHING over the long weekend, which, as you know, is an ongoing goal of mine. 

Yesterday I made my knockoff of Q’doba’s Mexican Gumbo (or Chicken Tortilla Soup as it’s known in other circles). I have been perfecting this recipe for about a year, and it’s pretty good. I had two crock-pots of it going all day, and last night I put 10 quarts of soup in the freezer. 

My recipe for Mexican Gumbo

Above Ingredients + Crock Pot =

Today I need to get our bread reserves back up, but tomorrow I am making meatballs and meatloaves. I have to. I have 20 pounds of hamburger in the refrigerator.