Organizing in the hizzouse*

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The state of my office is not good. I have so much stuff in here – knitting stuff, home schooling stuff, craft stuff, stuff to occupy the kids for one freaking minute so I can check my email…it’s driving me nuts. I have been trying to organize it, but it feels like I am just shuttling stuff from one corner to another and then back again. However, I am a big believer that if I only had just the right basket, my house would magically transform itself into a clutter-free picture of organization…

So, in an effort to corral the all the crayons, markers, alphabet magnets, stickers, etc. that are all over the place around here, I surfed the internets until I found these

They are fantastic. AND they got here in less than twenty-four hours! I order a lot of stuff off the internet. A LOT. I might be single-handedly keeping Amazon afloat. I don’t think I have ever received something that quickly. 

Check the cuteness:

All lined up:

Could they BE cuter?

* This blog post title clearly a feeble attempt to communicate my hipness. Who even says “hip” anymore? I probably could have snapped my fingers and said “Groovy, Daddy-O” and gotten the same result. Which is that it is painfully obvious No One Hip Lives Here.