Curriculum Junkies, Unite!

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So that’s what next year sort of looks like for Big. I run our school schedule from January to January, so this stack will be for 2011. Both my kids have birthdays at the end of the year, so it just makes sense to start a new calendar year, a new age, and a new school year all at the same time.

Although…now that I am looking at that picture, I can see that some of that will be started this Fall (the second semester of this school year) and some of what I have planned for next year isn’t here yet. And none of Little’s preschool-y sticker books or Hidden Picture puzzles are in it. Plus there will be some mom-created geology and US geography in happening, and lots of critical thinking excercises, and I may save the Nutrition until Little is old enough to do it with us, and there are always a few of those lapbooking-unit-study-tangents to chase… that picture doesn’t really represent anything specific at all, does it?

Huh. Oh well, you know how it goes. I have an overall picture of what I want to accomplish in any given school year, but if we finish All About Spelling or Math-U-See (two programs I am married to, forever and ever, amen) ahead of schedule, we’re not just going to sit on our hands and wait until the next year comes around (as long as I am linking, I may as well proclaim my love for Real Science 4 Kids, which is trés awesome. also Evan-Moor).

Who am I kidding? I do have an overall picture in my head of what we need to accomplish, but that is backed up by approximately four hundred and seventy-three excel spreadsheets, meticulously detailing curriculum options and sorted by age, all the way through high school. I have an excel spreadsheet for everything I do. It’s an illness.