And Now, A Quiz

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My Dearest Children: 

Since we are home educating you, my precious babies, I would like to take this opportunity to administer a wee quiz to see how we are coming along in our studies. Just one question today.

When I say “mommy has to go potty, play nice for a minute,” is that code for:

a) And….FIGHT!

b) Come quick! Verify that I am, in fact, going potty. Marvel that my legs resemble bread dough.

c) Loiter outside the open door (technically not IN the bathroom! very clever, darlings!), and have a tug of war over one single Lego

Ah, you saw my little trick – can’t slip anything past you, can I?

The answer, as you so rightly demonstrated, is ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Excellent work, my pets!

Now, has anyone seen mommy’s box of wine?