Father’s Day

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So a few weeks ago, Big and I were watching America’s Test Kitchen on PBS. We’re all about the bread-baking shows now. Anyway, they made these amazing looking cinnamon rolls and we immediately decided that is what we would make Jim for Father’s Day breakfast. I managed to find the recipe in the Cook’s Illustrated Make Ahead Recipes magazine. 

Yesterday morning, we got started pretty early, around 8 am. I had to ask Jim to stop at the store on the way to get coffee because I didn’t have all the right ingredients. Flour, dough, mix-mix-mix. 

Huh. This calls for a TWO HOUR RISE. Fine. Starbucks will tide us over until mid-morning. 

Wait, what? After we sprinkle the filling and roll it up, there is ANOTHER two hour rise. How, exactly do people make cinnamon rolls for breakfast when it’s a six hour process?

Well, they were a good mid-afternoon snack, even if chances are I’ll never make them again. I mean, six HOURS? I don’t think so. 

The amount of frosting the recipe called for seemed downright stingy, so I tripled it. Just right. The frosting was made with powdered sugar, buttermilk, and a smidge of cream cheese. It was TO DIE. Seriously. It had the exact right amount of tanginess. Like carrot cake frosting. I think I might need a little snackage right now, actually…

The real present was a collage poster I got from Snapfish. This is my new tradition for Jim’s Father’s Day gift. I make a collage full of the best pictures from the previous year. He lines them up around the walls of his office. I suck at scrapbooking, so this way at least there are pictures of the kids somewhere.