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  • No Tangle Spray – After listening to little girl hysteria for the last two years every time I brought out the hairbrush, it finally occurred to me: OH YEAH. Johnson’s No More Tangles Spray. TWO YEARS. I am a dumbass.


  • Thrift Stores – I went to this little Mennonite thrift store down the street from me a few weeks ago and totally scored on boys stuff. I was in shock since I never find boys stuff. I was able to get TEN pairs of shorts, a pair of jeans, and a little jean jacket that is beyond cute. I was in heaven. A whole summer wardrobe for $20. Why spend a lot of money when he’s just going to rub dirt all over everything, that’s what I say. It’s hard to find boys stuff at thrift stores as it is, and Big is such a skinny little thing*. I even found these cute little galoshes that they can wear to play in the mud. Because that’s what we have now. We had grass for about ten minutes, but then we let the kids go outside and now we have dirt patches. On days when Jim waters, Big goes around with all his dump trucks and buckets and places them strategically to catch water for mud making. Always a plan, that one.


  • Wednesdays – which I both hate and love, because they are Big Cleaning Day. I have the incredible good luck of being the employer of a wonderful 14 year old home educated girl who comes and scrapes the dried pee of our toilets. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me. Top ten, anyway. Sixteen bucks a week and Jim and I no longer have the division-of-labor arguments we’ve had for the last hundred years. Well, fewer. (I told Big to clean up his blocks the other day and he says, “Why, is Miss M. coming tomorrow?” Which is an indication of something not-very-complimentary about my daily housecleaning schedule, I’m sure.)


  • That I am going BY MYSELF to shop for school stuff for the next three days. See you Monday!

*For kids with the slim build and moms that shop at the thrift store, a little something call the Dapper Snapper is The Best Thing Evah. It tightens the waistband without interfering with the all-important Bathroom Operations.

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2 Responses to “Things I Love”

  1. Diane Says:

    11 year olds have the hair hysteria problems too. Even with no tangle spray.

  2. anymommy Says:

    Did you just say that you get to shop *by yourself?* The thought of that drove the rest of my comment from my mind. Enjoy.