Productivity Level = meh

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In anticipation of being gone later this week (by myself!), I heroically volunteered to go to WalMart and lay in supplies. It was decided that whilst Jim made the kids lunch, I would dash over and get milk for the kids and junk food for Temporarily Single-Parent Daddy. There is no reason this event should have taken more than an hour. However, the WalMart nearest me is being completely re-arranged. No one saw fit to tell me about this. Instead of the children’s department, I found the motor oil department. Consequently, I spent two hours wandering around blinking owlishly and asking random people if they had seen the boy’s socks. Not only could I not find anything, but there were oblivious employees and giant pallets blocking every aisle. 

Here is what I am wondering. Why did they choose to do this during the day? WalMart is open twenty-four hours a day. Presumably they have people working during those hours. Wouldn’t 12:30 am be a better time to rearrange the motor oil? 

When I came home, I had an uncharacteristic burst of energy and made Jolanthe’s Granola Bars.


And since I had been promising them for two days, pizza and calzones. I use this basic recipe, although I tweak it by using ½ freshly ground whole wheat flour and adding a little sugar.


 Yes, it’s a homemade pizza with hot dogs on it. Don’t judge.