Adventures at the Restaurant Supply Store*

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So now that I am all about the homemade bread products, I have been making pizza dough from scratch. Surprisingly, it’s not even that hard. But if I am going to be Homemade Pizza Dough Person, I need more equipment (obviously). I started out by getting a pizza stone. 

Actually I should say I got another pizza stone. About ten years ago, I attended one of those Pampered Chef parties. The rep was a relative, and the cooking demonstration was something yummy made out of crescent rolls and cooked on a stone. Like a sucker, I bought one. And proceeded to never take it out of the box. Then just last year, in a cleaning frenzy, I got rid of it. I should have just burned two twenty dollar bills, and saved myself the trouble of hauling that thing around for ten years. 

Apparently, to use a pizza stone, you need a pizza peel. I did not know this, and for weeks have been cooking pizzas on my Clearly Inferior cookie sheets, while the pizza stone lay in the bottom of the oven, mocking me. Yesterday, I decided to take myself and my fellow adventurer, Big, down to the restaurant supply store and get one. 

The restaurant supply store is so. cool. You can get ALL SORTS of great stuff there – giant cutting boards, knives, plastic ashtrays by the case – and it’s all commercial quality and less expensive than a kitchen store. I love it. When we first moved into this house, it had a big kitchen with no counter space. (I don’t get that. What is the point with a big, square, empty room with a kitchen shoved into the corner? Does it double as a dance hall? What?) After buying the house and all the appliances and a new water heater…we were in no position to go out and spend a ton of money on a kitchen island. That is when I discovered my local restaurant supply store and the awesomeness that is a restaurant-grade, stainless-steel table, in whatever size and height your heart desires. For a hundred bucks. And it’s indestructible. And only a hundred bucks. Did I mention it was only a hundred bucks?

After we found the peel, we wandered around the store for quite a bit – Big asking ten thousand questions about what everything was, and me hissing QUIT TOUCHING STUFF. I spent $14 on the pizza peel and $12 on scoops, ladles, and pie plates for playing in the mud. Buzz Kill Mom said no to a French fry chopper that would be “perfect for crushing dirt clods, mom!” and a fancy $40 spring form pan that would be “perfect for making mud pies, mom!” 

When I got the peel home, it looked bigger than it had in the store… 

It’s taller than my three year old.

* Why yes, I do excel at blog post titles, don’t I?