And Now – More Dinner Drama!

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We have always had a 7 pm bedtime for our kids; and after they are in bed, we eat our own dinner and relax. A lot of people look at me funny when they find out. I’m pretty sure they are thinking something along the lines of  “wow, for a minute there I thought you loved your kids, but now it’s obvious that you suck! Don’t you know what Dr. Phil said about family mealtimes?”

To which I say: “whatever, dude.”

By the time 5:30 rolls around, I just want to shove something down their whiny little beaks and be done with it. It’s too much of a hassle to try to eat our own dinner while cutting up their food and hollering at them for dropping stuff on the floor and watching the clock so we can get baths over with before The Real Housewives of New Jersey starts. For another thing, they don’t want to eat what we eat, and making two dinners at the same time is more than I can handle. Big is SO PICKY. The other night we told him to eat one more bite of corn and 0.6  seconds after he did, he puked ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE. His entire dinner – corn, bbq sandwich…it was awesome. Then he’s all “I TOLD you guys I don’t like corn” 

Then he said he was hungry and ate another half a sandwich. 

Little turd.