By Myself

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I have signed up to go to a home school conference in Denver in next week. I am very excited about it. There are going to be seminars and demonstrations and a bunch of curriculum vendors. PLUS, I am going BY MYSELF to stay in a hotel room for TWO NIGHTS, where there could potentially be room service, BY MYSELF. And I can use the bathroom BY MYSELF. Did I mention I was going BY MYSELF? They don’t allow kids, and since we don’t have anyone to leave Big and Little with for 3 days, we decided in the end that I should just go ALONE. As in BY MYSELF. 

Not that I am excited about it or anything. Plus, it will give Jim a chance to miss me terribly and realize just how much I do around here when I am not blogging or shooing everyone outside so I can watch Real Housewives of New Jersey. I might even call him at night and go into great detail about what I had for dinner, and pretend to feel sorry for him having to eat cold cereal, which is what he does to me when he goes away. Maybe I should dial back my enthusiasm a little. 

Wait, one more time – BY MYSELF.