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We have lived in our current house about three years. A few months after we moved in, we started hearing this horrible noise coming from the fireplace. Like water pipes rattling, but there are no water pipes in that wall. I was v. freaked out by this and thought maybe something was wrong with the gas line going to the fireplace. Finally one morning, I decided to investigate, as turning the radio up was no longer working as an avoidance technique. I went outside to sniff around and see if I smelled a gas leak. And what was it? A lovesick woodpecker hammering away on the flashing around the chimney. 

I don’t like nature. Nature would kill us if we gave it half a chance. That is why we live in houses. And have bug spray and sunscreen. “Camping” is nature’s plan to lure us into the woods so it can kill us. I don’t even like to drive my car off pavement.