Not Inadequate

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Not Inadequate is a running joke in my house. After college, I got a job working as an estimator at a construction company. It was one of those I-took-the-first-job-I-was-offered jobs out of the panic that after 5 years of school I still had no marketable skills, just a big old pile of student loans. It was the most boring job I have ever had. I got stuck in a teeny office in the back corner with a ruler and a big set of drawings. After a few weeks, I asked my boss how I was doing. After a brief pause, he gave me the best answer ever, “You’re not inadequate.”

It probably goes without saying that I got sacked.

So now, of course, whenever my husband and I ask each other things like How Was Dinner or What Do You Think of These Shoes or How Was Last Night, you can guess what answer comes back.