Now What?

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The first blogs I discovered were knitting blogs. The Yarn Harlot was the first one, followed by Crazy Aunt Purl, Mason-Dixon Knitting and tons more. These women have really inspired me in my knitting. I might have never moved beyond scarves and hats if I wasn’t always reading about Certain People taking their socks-in-progress on road trips or knitting thousands of mitered squares for blankets.

I thought about writing my own knit blog. I even had an awesome name for it. I was going to call it What Would Stephanie Do. (Is that the best or what?) Eventually I decided it was a bit too stalker-y (and plus because what if I convinced my husband to move to Canada and live right next door to her and she and I became bestest friends forever… a name like WWSD might throw her hint that it wasn’t all totally natural). Then there was the fact that a knit blogger probably would have to do more than just start a bunch of projects, get bored, and then start some more. 

Then I discovered homeschooling blogs and thought maybe that was the direction I should go. I homeschool my kids and am very passionate about it. But there are probably only so many salt-dough maps a person could talk about. And even fewer a person would be interested in reading about. 

Plus there are other things I might want to talk about. Like bread making or potty training or The Real Housewives of New Jersey. So we’ll just see where it goes. Maybe I’ll get a book deal and become Independently Wealthy.  

What? You have FOURTEEN chapters about your daughter peeing on your foot?!?! THIS STUFF IS GOLD, MAN! GOLD!